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Find Your Way

Live Mobile Location Tracker is an application that helps you with navigation. When you want to know your exact location, this app can check your live location. It is also very helpful in finding a particular live address, as well as nearby establishments. The app promises to provide accurate reports by connecting to your mobile GPS. With it, getting around an unfamiliar place should be easy.

Handy Location Finder

There are various map applications available nowadays, with Google Maps being one of the most popular. In fact, some smartphones come with a built-in map application. Live Mobile Location Tracker is among these ever-growing number of navigation tools. And like other similar software, it works to help you find your current location and nearby places. The app is very easy to use and comes with four tools that you can rely on—namely, My Location, Find Address, Places Near Me, and Distance Calculator.

Live location helps users find their current location on the map by using your mobile GPS to fetch your GPS location. Live address, on the other hand, assists you in looking for a particular address. Simply provide the app the address you are looking for, and it can easily locate it. It can also see the address on the app’s built-in map.

If you are looking for establishments, such as restaurants, banks, ATMs, and pubs, this app’s Places Near Me function can help you. But what users will like about Live Mobile Location Tracker is its Distance Calculator. By using this, you can calculate the distance between any two places on the map for better navigating.

Not Really Much to Offer

Looking at it, Live Mobile Location Tracker does not offer anything new. All the things you can do with it are already offered by other apps of the same service. Moreover, the app has got some drawbacks that might hinder you from downloading it. There have been many cases of it proving to be unreliable. The app sometimes provides you with incorrect information, thus it can become more of an annoyance than a help. Even its distance calculator is inaccurate most of the time.

But what will annoy the users most about this app is its ads. Yes, free apps normally have ads to make up for offering its services without pay, but Live Mobile Location Tracker is so saturated with ads that they take up almost half of the screen. Moreover, with every click you make, an ad will pop up, which you have to close before seeing your location.

A Lot of Patch Up to Do

In a nutshell, Live Mobile Location Tracker would have been a good extension to your phone’s built-in map app, if it works. But the app is so unreliable that you can’t get anything helpful from it. It is more of an ad generator than a GPS locator. And if it does correctly locate where you are, finding other locations will be a lot harder. As it is now, with its glaring issues, downloading the app will be a waste of both your mobile data and storage space.


  • Free app
  • Lightweight
  • Clean interface
  • Comes with a distance calculator


  • Does not really offer anything new
  • Sometimes provides inaccurate locations
  • Saturated with apps

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Live Location APK for Android

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 3.0.7
  • 3.9
  • (13)
  • APK Status

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